Bachelor of Arts / Master’s double degree

Graduate with a bachelor’s degree plus a master’s degree in just four years – instead of five. High achieving graduates can take advantage of the most extensive bachelor’s/master’s offering in Australia, make yourself more employable with two degrees and specialist knowledge, and save time and save on fees.

Add one of the following Master's degrees to your Bachelor of Arts

How it works and how to apply

Step 1

Enter the Monash Bachelor of Arts

Step 2

Follow any major* sequence and successfully complete two years of study (full-time equivalent)

Step 3

During the final semester of the second year of the Bachelor of Arts, high achieving students apply online via internal transfer to transition into their chosen Arts Master’s degree

Step 4

Students accepted into the Double Degree program will commence Master’s units during their third year of study and complete remaining Master’s units during a fourth year**

*Students planning to apply for the Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies require advanced bilingual proficiency and must be enrolled in a language other than English as a major, including Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean or Spanish.

**The Bachelor of Arts and Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies is a 4.5 year program. All other programs can be completed in 4 years full-time.